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by Pop Warner

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Here's some art! Thanks for checking it out.

CDs and tapes available via Hidden Home Records:

Or catch us on tour August 2017
August 15 – San Diego, CA
August 16 – Los Angeles, CA
August 17 – Fullerton, CA
August 18 – Oakland, CA
August 19 – Arcata, CA
August 20 – Portland, OR
August 21 – Seattle, WA
August 22 – Boise, ID
August 26 – Provo, UT


released August 11, 2017

Max Pond - Drums
Josh Horne - Guitar (the shredding)
Brendon Crave - Bass, vocals
Dylan Astle - Guitar, vocals, tambo

Tracked by Scott Schilling at Redlight Recording
Mixed by Joel Coan at Sweatbox Studios
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering
Album art by Nicole Hawkins

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Pop Warner Provo, Utah


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Track Name: Geneva
I can't seem to shake this apathy
it's not that I don't feel the chemistry
it's that you make me numb but with feet far from the ground
I need to run to where I won't be found

I didn't mean to set it up to fall
it was me, none of it's your fault
but right now my back's against the wall
it's been years and I'm ready to let go
but there's more than pills stuck in my throat
why now
why not two years ago
Track Name: Anasazi
is this a war of diction
do I need words to paint a picture
a travel log and calloused fingers
and all your walls cease to exist

I've been living way too far away
and I miss the great Salt Lake
there's nothing for me here
I can't watch the sun go down
just want to stay underground
where the air doesn't hurt to breathe
and I don't bleed

it's been weeks since I could sleep
bloodshot eyes and clenched teeth
it's taking over me
is that what you need
to walk alone with bare feet
to run from everything

it's been weeks since I could sleep
bloodshot eyes and clenched teeth
it's taking over me
I think it's what I need
'cause I hide my sins with good deeds
but I promise that I can change
Track Name: Wallace
how long you gonna wait
to move down it's getting late
I'm stagnant

yeah turn your records on
soon enough I'll be long gone
you're stagnant
Track Name: Mockingbird
it's getting harder to believe
that there's anything left in me
I hope I'm not like this forever
though this fog I can hardly see

and we'll never know
what we're looking for
'til we find it in our hearts,
we find it in our homes

I've seen a thousand different faces
no matter the city
they always look the same
Track Name: November Air
standing in November air
thought the cold wouldn't bother me
thought it'd fill my lungs with clarity
but now I'm coughing every time I speak
this is never leaving me
it is what it will always be

and I can't sleep
my mind is screaming at my body to wake
so on the TV screen I search for signs of life
retracing my steps
I'm a winning ticket with a missing number
and I wonder what I'm worth in the end

and I don't know
the first damn thing about poetry
I probably never will
but it wouldn't change a thing
and I don't know
why sometimes you just cant stay friends
but I'm hoping I'll find a new way home again

so celebrate
the things you got while you got em
'cause when there's life there's love
and when there's love there's loss
so come with me, we'll find peace
we'll buy our demons a drink and move on
we're gonna be ok
we're gonna be ok