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Your hair and your feet and your teeth and your height and your laugh and your smell with your head in the sky make it all more fun to lay and beguile easier to want to stay alive your tan and your neck and your face and your dress make the end seem far away but at hand we're falling head first into a vicious trap of hellos and goodbyes and of happy and sad This time around I'm scared as hell I don't wanna see you fade again I keep telling u to be patient, and that we're all still kids to hell with social norms, (lol) It don't mean shit to me
Lying to myself, or trying to change? Perfection is what's deserved, but the shallowness remains I'll burn every bridge, but it runs deep inside of me Like poison it eats your brain and I've been feeling more empty by the day It's in my veins All he hears is their praise He's only sleeping some days
How many times have you truly felt unsafe? How many times have you looked over your shoulder just to see nothing in the end? Well I am afraid I'm hoping someone will be there eventually to take me away, and leave you wondering whatever happened to me. I can't make you feel the burning in my legs, or whatever's inside my chest is expanding and primed to explode, but we'll make this hike. We'll see the sunrise. My only fear is that moment with you won't be mine. It was sung that there was nothing wrong with love. Well, maybe I just think too much. Or maybe I was right on every count. I've got nothing to offer here. But if I could just convince myself, I could convince you that I'm still near. It was sung that there was nothing wrong with love but I guess I'm not Built to Spill the way I've been spilling out of myself for you. So this is how it feels. The exhaustion of never keeping up for long. Somehow I always knew that alone in my mind was the last place I wanted to be. So, will you tell me your story? Was there anything to see from the top? For anyone? Or anything? To share the memory?
I can't see the sunlight from my room at my bedside. I'm covered up from the world because I keep on getting hurt, and it's cold outside, and I cannot see your face; it's just a silhouette of a memory of when we met in Ohio; you don't know that I still think of you. My friend Max...he always knows how to say I'm alright in this life. But I cannot sleep, so don't ask me to come home yet; I'm not ready to be gone for good. I call your name, but you put yourself out of reach every night. And I'm more than nervous; I can't even breathe but I guess I'm living.


Some friends got together and made some music!


released March 29, 2016

Erica and Taco Tuesday- Pop Warner
Max Pond- Drums
Dylan Astle- Guitar, Vocals
Josh Horne- Guitar
Alena Choiu- Bass, Vocals
(Shout-out to Marshall Oelkers)

Nothing Wrong and Ohio- Uncle Dirt
Brendon Crave- Guitar, Vocals
Max Astle- Guitar
Rawson Simmons- Drums
Taylor Smith- Bass

Special thanks to:
Stephen Cope @ Studio Studio DaDa for tracking and mixing
Bret Meisenbach @ Black Pyramid Recording for mastering
McKay Lenker for the tite album art

Pop Warner facebook and bandcamp:

Unlce Dirt facebook and bandcamp:


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Pop Warner Provo, Utah


It's lit

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